10 Ways to Find More Peaceful Moments in Motherhood

10 Ways to Find More Peaceful Moments in Motherhood

Motherhood is so many things—but I don’t know if we’d call it peaceful. 

It can be hard to find peace in the motherhood relationship when one party is completely unpredictable, full of emotions, and constantly responding to unmet expectations. 

And the other party is under two. 😉

But seriously, though. We get it. 

At Luna Luz, we’re always trying to add value in the form of less: Less shopping. Less laundry. Less chaos. That’s because we’re so passionate about the power of peaceful moments and finding stillness. 

So, for our inaugural first blog post, here are 10 ways you can add more peaceful moments into your day.

Let us know if you try any in the comments.🌜✨

1. Mindfulness Exercises FTW

Do a mindfulness meditation or take a few deep breaths to center yourself and be present. A little extra oxygen can go a long way. 

Have you tried any of the amazing mindfulness apps that are out there? Our favorites are Calm, Headspace, and InsightTimer for guided meditations that you can do any time. 

Except maybe while driving. 

Want to involve the kiddos? Try some breathing exercises like this one: 

If a toddler is having a breakdown, have her blow on your fist while you “ignite” some birthday candles by waving your fingers around. Then have them blow them out one at a time. Breathing invites calm and exercises like this one can help you and your little one relax during a moment of stress. 

2. Automate, automate, automate!

A mother’s mental load is insane. The number of decisions and judgment calls we make in a day has got to be in the thousands. So take some of the decision stress off by jotting down some daily routines that you can follow every day. 

They can be short—just 2-3 items. One routine for mornings. Lunchtimes. Nap times. Bed time. 

Extra points if those routines include proactive moments of relaxation. This could be as simple as pausing to take breaths while tying shoes or as big as a planned momma break where kids watch a show in the afternoon. 

3. Delegate Like a CEO  

Delegating and outsourcing are not lazy. CEOs of huge companies do it all the time. And honey, we think taking care of your precious littles is just as important as running Coca-cola. 

Don't hesitate to ask for help from your partner, family members, or friends. Try outsourcing mom tasks that you don’t enjoy or feel are taking up too much of your time and energy to be worth doing yourself (grocery delivery, laundry, cleaning, etc). 

You’d be surprised how many peaceful moments a Walmart+ subscription can buy when you’re not dragging your littles through the grocery store.

4. Connect with Other Moms

Proactively look for mom friends in your area with similar ages of kids. Not sure where to look? Try striking up a conversation with another mom at a local park or rec center. Odds are, it’ll be the first adult conversation they’ve had that day too. 

Join a local parenting group or online community where you can connect with other moms. Sharing experiences and advice can make you feel less alone and be super important for your mental health. 

Last thing—have you tried keeping up with your mom friends through Marco Polo or another video messaging app? Total sanity saver. 

5. STOP with the Perfe-Expectations 

Most days will be far from perfect. Make peace with that. 

Motherhood is filled with ups and downs. 

However, our moment-to-moment happiness is a function of our expectations. Setting realistic expectations for yourself cuts stress and help you appreciate the good moments when they come. They can also turn a potentially “lose-your-crap” moment into a light, laughing moment with your kids. 

Try repeating this one-liner when you find yourself in a regular-to-very-nice moment: 

“If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” 

6. Self-Care Like it’s Your Job 

Make self-care a non-negotiable part of your day. 

What does that look like for you? Think about if it were your job to wait on yourself (like your own personal assistant) what kinds of things would you do for yourself? Does it involve food? A nap? A new candle? 

Also, if you’re like most women, you have the capacity to be pretty self-critical at times. Self care is one way of showing yourself that you matter and have value. And guess what? It’s great modeling for your kids to see you taking care of yourself.

7. Take Breaks. You need breaks.  

Sorry we keep making the 9-5 job comparison, but let’s be real. If caregiving were a paying job, you’d be legally entitled to physical breaks where you can sit down and have a meal in (relative) peace. 

So make sure you work that into your day and that your kids understand it’s not a discussion. 

Is the kitchen too chaotic? Try something else to get a break in like a short walk, journaling, or 15 minutes alone in your room that can provide you with moments of peace.

8. Practice Gratitude 

Here’s a spin on gratitude you maybe haven’t heard. 

You know how sometimes it’s hard to know how to connect with our toddlers? Or what to talk about? Talking about things you’re grateful for can be a great way to fill the silence with something positive. Next time you’re in the car, talk about everything that went well that day and why you’re grateful for it. 

On your own, trying to keep a gratitude journal can help you focus on the joyful moments. 

9. Put Away Your Phone and Watch Their Show with Them: 

Most kid blogs probably talk about reducing screen time for you and your kids. We’re willing to bet that’s a battle you don’t want to fight every day. 

So try it this way instead: put away your social media machine. And watch a screen with your child. Find a show that you don’t mind watching and that they LOVE. 

You’ll reduce your exposure to negative news or social media that can increase stress and instead use the screen as a way to connect with your child. 

10. Bring in a Pro: 

If you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, don't hesitate to seek help from a therapist or counselor. They can provide valuable support and coping strategies.

Before You Go  

However you choose to find them, moments of peace in motherhood are where we find connection. 

We hope you prioritize peace when you can—even if it’s an “eye of the storm” situation. 😉 Thanks for being here, Momma.

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