Our Story Is (Literally) Every Momma's Story

That is that our babies grow so fast

Right? It’s not just ours?

Because one moment, you're delicately folding newborn outfits. And the next, you're gobsmacked at how your tiny bundle could already be outgrowing their new 12-month footie pajamas.

This was our reality with each of our 4 children—a frantic cycle of shopping, laundry, and getting…creative with where to put all the clothes they grew out of.

(Three words: black garbage bags) 

We needed a simpler (if not a little outlandish) solution: 

clothing that could stretch as our kids did. 

So we tried our hand at making some stretchy, super soft baby clothes that could last for more than a couple of our kids’ milestones.

They turned out so nice we thought we’d better let other momma’s in on it.  

Enter Luna Luz—soft, stretchable, quality apparel for growing babes.

Mother Snuggling Baby Wearing Luna Luz Pine Pajama Romper

Bamboo to the Rescue

Obviously cotton wouldn’t cut it for our impossibly stretchy baby wear. 

So we did what we do really well: we got creative. 

We turned to a fresh-on-the-scene textile solution—

bamboo fiber.

Baby Wearing Luna Luz Pine Pajama Romper

A Perfect Fit

We chose bamboo for its dreamy textile properties.


Bamboo fabric gently hugs your baby while still allowing for their continual growth. Sounds kind of like parenting advice, doesn’t it? 


Bamboo fabric is soft, durable, and can withstand fast crawlers and frequent washes. It’s what’s new in high-end bed sheets but they also make bullet-proof vests out of it. 


We’re not kidding when we say bamboo is cloud soft. Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin. What can we say? Bamboo and babies are a match made in heaven.

Founder of Luna Luz and Her Family

Our Mission

At the end of the day, we’re about empowering you, momma.

The one whose life is a beautiful balance between filling your cup and filling the cups of everyone around you.   

We want to reduce your mental load (and your loads of laundry) and let you breathe in your children as they grow—because they grow fast. 

Welcome to the Luna Luz family. 

We’re so glad you’re here.

- Michelle & Family